Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spring time

Ok so I haven't posted in forever, so I figure I better.. Where to start...

Well no longer working at Kia.. Haha.. Funny story, well now it is, wasn't so much then. Ended up getting dumped, and then a few days later his mom(who was my boss at the time) fired me.. Nice eh? Gotta love people. Anyhoo, after a few different interviews, and a couple job offers I found me a GREAT job! I work from home for an online college booking appointments for clients and calling people that requested information about us. The guy works with my doctor appointments and is very good about that. I was worried about working from home, and not around people but its been so nice..

I'm finally getting use to this menopause thing. I get another shot for it in May, so I'm a little worried wondering if I'm going to have the strong emotions like the first time I got the shot for it, but where they have me on hormones I'm crossing my fingers I won't. I still every once in a while can tell they are still messed up and start bawling at the drop of a hat, but nothing compared to what it was before. I'm checking with different doctors, I like mine but I'm not sure if he knows what to do with me. I'm still having pain, so I went to talk to him wondering if the shot didn't work as well as we'd hoped and right then he flat out said, well I think we just need to do a hysterectomy now, SO... I'm gonna check around before something like that happens.. But I'm handling dealing with it a million times better, except when people tick me off and I feel like decking them.. Haha but I was like that before, so its all good =)

I've been getting back into realizing what AMAZING friends I have.. I kind of hid out there for a while after surgery and trying to adapt with that, and dealing with a certain guy(who shall remained nameless) that I wasn't too happy with for a LONG time! Haha! Still makes me sad/mad when I really think about it, but oh well. So after I finally just decided to heck with it, I've been loving life!

I started singing again! A friend of mine that has a band, told me to come practice with his band one day, so I went over and we've talked about me doing some shows with him. I love it! Its a whole new experience for me singing with a band instead of my boring old Karaoke music! I'm learning a lot, and when I watch them play I'm amazed! We've talked about doing a couple songs with the whole group sometime, but we've also just ran through some songs with just me and him and talked about doing a few acoustic gigs. Trust me, I can't shut up about it! I've missed singing, and never knew of anywhere to sing besides the cornfest and rodeos in the summer. So its been a really good experience.

Other than that its been the same ol same ol.. Cameron just turned one a couple weeks ago! I can't believe how fast she's growing. I can't get enough of her.

She was so tired at her party, she didn't have a nap earlier that day, but she was still fun!

She wasn't quite sure what to do with the cake in the beginning, but she figured it out.

She got a bit of a sugar buzz!

She loves her grandpa

Birthday girl!

That's about it in my exciting life. Waiting to go play in Salt Lake with Amy and go see everyone up there! Its been way too long since I've seen all my old friends up that way.
Besides that just workin, playin, and singin! Always a good time!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Blog Challenge, Day 22

What makes you different from everybody else...

Haha! Probably a few too many things.. I'm WAY too honest at times. I'm very headstrong. I don't believe in being fake, how are people going to get to know the real you, if your lying about everything that makes you, you? I feel like I'm one of the only girls in this town my age not married with babies. I try to help people, sometimes too much that I get walked on.. But yet I do it again, over and over lol.
I give advice, but I don't always take it.. Haha..
I don't know.. There are lots of things..
OH YA! And I'm probably the only girl you know thats 25 and going through menopause! How you like them apples?? HAHA

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Blog Challenge, Day 21...

A picture of something that makes you happy..

Hm.. Easy
Riding Horses.. Its always fun with a friend, but I use to love just going out back and jumping on my horse alone and going up in the hills.. Its just nothing but you and your horse.. Good thinkin time!

Our old ranch.. No matter if we don't have it anymore, anytime I'm up there and feeling like I need some time to think, I always end up going there. I grew up there, and it still breaks my heart that its gone.. My best memories are with my dad and grandpa up there.

This is up by the old pond at the ranch

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Blog Challenge, Day 20

Someone you see yourself marrying, or being with in the future...

WELL... This one has been really tough on me.. I'm 25 (pretty much) and single, and struggling with it.. So lets just say no one

Monday, February 21, 2011

Blog Challenge Day 19....

Nick names you have and why you have them...

I've never really had any nicknames besides Tac... Well I guess I do.. Lets see
Tac- Thats the one I get called the most
Tasty- I have some friends that think its funny lol.. I only let a certain few say it
Sis- Mom and Dad so they didn't get names confused! LOL
Use to be chick-Dad

I think thats about all I have.. Oh ya and T from Tasha!!! Lol

Friday, February 18, 2011

Blog Challenge

Day 16...
Another picture of yourself

AW the days of being skinny, and wearing itty bitty wranglers.. I miss those days!!! Lol

Day 17...

Someone you would want to switch lives with for one day and why....

Miranda Lambert! I love her! She's a country girl, and she has an amazing voice.. She still keeps her roots, and goes out hunting.. I've seen her shoot a bow on tv, and am pretty sure she could out shoot most guys I know..

Day 18...
Plans/Dreams/Goals you have...
Hm.. Lets see.. To be a mom for sure.. To sing at the Grand Ol Oprey.. To go somewhere and do nothing but lay on a beach.. To build a house on our hayfield.. To be a good mom, and have my family be my world

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Blog Challenge Day 15...

Put your Ipod on shuffle: First 10 songs that play...

So since I don't have an Ipod, yes I know its sad, I have some music on my computer here at work that I'll do it with instead....

1. Garth Brooks - For a Minute There (LOVE THIS SONG!)
2. Toby Keith - She's a Hottie
3. Chris LeDoux - Not for Heroes
4. Tracy Lawrence - I See It Now (I could listen to him for days, but only his old stuff)
5. Chris LeDoux - Go Riding, Young Cowboy
6. Hank Williams, Jr. - Old Habits
7. Gary Allen - She Gets Me
8. Tracy Lawrence - Alibis
9. Rodney Atkins - Wasted Whiskey
10. Kenny Chesney - In a Small Town

I really do have a lot of music on here, but I love that the 2 different artists I listen to the most pop up twice.. Makes my day go by LOTS faster being able to have music, since we can't get Pandora or anything that plays music on the internet.. I about went nuts before I got some on here!